Pressure Ulcer and Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis
A Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey: Expected Value of RemedyTM Skincare Products and Remedy/Restore® Briefs in an At-Risk Resident Population for Pressure Ulcer and Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis Prevention. Ronald Shannon, Health Economist, Kevin Fisher. Director of Nursing
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Irritation Reduction
Eleven Fold Reduction in Irritation Associated with the Use of Amino Acids Using Patented Laser Electromagnetic Resonance Technology. Todd Ovokaitys, MD, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Gematria Products, Inc., Carlsbad, CA. Dr. McCord, Founder of McCord Research, Glenbrook, NV
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Compatibility with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Flammability of Topical Skin Care Products. Dr. McCord, FAPWCA, Barry E. Newton, BSMC, PE, Gwenael Chiffoleau, PhD, Isaiah L. Hankel, B.A.
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Perineal Skin Care for Incontinent Patients
Perineal Skin Care in the Incontinent Patient with Nourishing Olivamine 10® Containing Treatment Cream. Jennie Edwards, RN, BSN. Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation Chattanooga, TN Study# LIT061 Print PDF

Radiation Therapy Reduction
“The Use of Olivamine 10® Containing Advanced Skin Care Products During Radiation Therapy. David E. Davenport MD,1 Brenda Bull, RT (R) (T)1 and Dr. McCord, 2
1Radiation Therapy of North Idaho Cancer Center, Coeur d’Alene, ID and, 2McCord Research, Hayden Lake, ID. Study #LIT073″ Print PDF

Enhance the Restoration of Damaged, Impaired Skin
Anatomy, Physiology and Homeostasis of the Skin/The Concept of Nourishment of the Skin to Enhance the Function and Restoration of Damaged, Impaired Skin with Clinical Applications. Jane Fore-Pfliger, MD, CWS, FAPWCA, Lewis-Clark Wound Care Clinic Lewiston, ID and Clarksto, WA
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Phlebolymphedema Management
Phlebolymphedema: Management of Dermal Changes and Wounds. Andrea Brennan, ORT/L, CLT-LANA, DAPWCA Scottsdale Healthcare Lymphedema Treatment Center Scottsdale, AZ. Study # LIT292R Print PDF

Obesity Associated Lymphedema
“The Use of Olivamine 10®-Containing Skin Care Products* for Morbidly Obese Patients with Lymphedema. Jane Fore MD, FAPWCA*, Dr. McCord, FAPWCA^, Isaiah Hankel BA*; Carol Paustian BSN, RN, ET, CWOCN, DAPWCA+
*Lewis-Clark Wound Care Clinic Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA
^McCord Research, Hayden Lake, ID
+WOCN Consulting, Omaha, NE Study # LIT452 ” Print PDF

Investigating a Novel Treatment for Ichthyosis. Cynthia A. Fleck RN, BSN, MBA, ET/WOCN, CWS, DNC, DAPWCA, FCCWS. St. Louis, MO. Study# LIT464. Print PDF

Lamellar Ichthyosis
“Lamellar Ichthyosis: A Case Study. David A. Davolt, Sr. CHT* and Enrique C. Almaguer, MD, PA^
*Nix Southwest Wound Care Center
^Plastic & Hand Surgery and Wound Care
San Antonio, TX Study # LIT469 ” Print PDF

Improving Skin Quality in Diabetic Patients
Using Olivamine 10® in the Skin to Improve Skin Quality in Diabetic Patients. Dawn R. Fortna RN, BSPA, CDE, CWOCN. Ephrata Community Hospital Ephrata, PA Study # LIT597 Print PDF

Hospice Population
Case Studies that display positive outcomes with advanced wound care products in the Hospice population. P. Sue Hashley, RN, CWS. St. Francis Hospice Honolulu, Hawaii Study # LIT603 Print PDF

Improving Xerosis and Skin Quality
“Using Olivamine 10® in a Skin Cream* to Improve Xerosis and Skin Quality. Dawn. R. Fortna RN, MSEd, CDE, CWOCN. Ephrata Community Hospital. Ephrata, Pa.
Elizabeth O’Connell-Gifford, MBA, BSN, RN, CWOCN, DAPWCA. Medline Industries, Inc. Berne, NY Study Study # LIT671. Print PDF

Skin Tears in the Elderly
“Improving Skin Tear Outcomes Using Olivamine 10® a Topical Nourishing Skin Care Cream*; Prevention of Skin Tears with the Elderly. Cynthia Canzeri-Labish, RN, MSN, CWOCN. Wesley Health Care Center Saratoga, NY
Elizabeth O’Connell-Gifford, RN, CWOCN, DAPWCA, MBA. Medline Industries, Inc.
Berne, NY. Study # LIT673. Print PDF

Irritant Hand Dermatitis in Healthcare Workers
“Effect of topical treatments on irritant hand dermatitis in health care workers.
Marty Visscher, Phd, Jennifer Davis, BS, and Randy Wickett, PhD. American Journal of Infection Control, 2009. ” Print PDF