Reduction of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers
Reducing Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers By Implementing a Skincare Regimen – Evaluating Cost and Outcomes. Ronald J. Shannon, MPH. Martha Coombs. Global Health Economics, LLC Porter Adventist Hospital, Wound Center. Print PDF

Compatibility with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Flammability of Topical Skin Care Products. Dr. McCord, FAPWCA, Barry E. Newton, BSMC, PE, Gwenael Chiffoleau, PhD, Isaiah L. Hankel, B.A. Print PDF

Using Nutritional Skin Care Cream
Positive skin care outcomes using a patented blend of bioavailable quadrapeptide Olivamine 10® via a topical nutritional skin care cream. Terri Durkin Williams RN, BSN, LNHA Otterbein Lebanon Retirement Living Community Lebanon, Ohio. Study#LIT044. Print PDF

Enhance the Restoration of Damaged, Impaired Skin
Anatomy, Physiology and Homeostasis of the Skin/The Concept of Nourishment of the Skin to Enhance the Function and Restoration of Damaged, Impaired Skin with Clinical Applications. Jane Fore-Pfliger, MD, CWS, FAPWCA, Lewis-Clark Wound Care Clinic Lewiston, ID and Clarksto, WA Print PDF

Wound Shield Wash Off Resistance
Nutrashield to Prevent Excessive Transepidermal Water Loss (e-TEWL) Introduction and Conclusion by Dr. McCord, Ph.D; Independent studies performed by Dow Corning Print PDF

Phlebolymphedema Management
Phlebolymphedema: Management of Dermal Changes and Wounds. Andrea Brennan, ORT/L, CLT-LANA, DAPWCA Scottsdale Healthcare Lymphedema Treatment Center Scottsdale, AZ. Study # LIT292R Print PDF

Obesity Associated Lymphedema
“The Use of Olivamine 10®-Containing Skin Care Products* for Morbidly Obese Patients with Lymphedema. Jane Fore MD, FAPWCA*, Dr. McCord, FAPWCA^, Isaiah Hankel BA*; Carol Paustian BSN, RN, ET, CWOCN, DAPWCA+
*Lewis-Clark Wound Care Clinic Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA
^McCord Research, Hayden Lake, ID
+WOCN Consulting, Omaha, NE Study # LIT452” Print PDF

Investigating a Novel Treatment for Ichthyosis. Cynthia A. Fleck RN, BSN, MBA, ET/WOCN, CWS, DNC, DAPWCA, FCCWS. St. Louis, MO. Study# LIT464. Print PDF

Lamellar Ichthyosis
“Lamellar Ichthyosis: A Case Study. David A. Davolt, Sr. CHT* and Enrique C. Almaguer, MD, PA^
*Nix Southwest Wound Care Center
^Plastic & Hand Surgery and Wound Care
San Antonio, TX Study # LIT469” Print PDF

Micronutrient Containing Multipurpose Cleansing Lotion Ends Ten Year Search for Relief from Severe Pruritus. Mary Verhage, BSN, RN, CWOCN, CHRN. St. Nicholas Hospital Sheboygan, WI Study #LIT571 Print PDF

Wound Shield Effectiveness Traditional Standard of Care
“A Randomized Open Controlled Pilot Study of the Use of an Olivamine 10®Based Nutritional Barrier* vs. a Balsam of Peru, Castor Oil and Trypsin (BCT)** based product in the Maintenance of Newly Epithelial Skin of Lower Extremity Ulcers. Driver V,1,2 French M,1 Cain J 1,2 Hijazin M,1 Hagan H1,3
1National Center for Limb Preservation at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, IL.
2Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, Center for Lower Extremity Ambulatory Research at Rosalind Franklin University, North Chicago, IL,
3 University of Wisconsin Parkside, Kenosha, WI Study # LIT592.
” Print PDF

Hospice Population
Case Studies that display positive outcomes with advanced wound care products in the Hospice population. P. Sue Hashley, RN, CWS. St. Francis Hospice Honolulu, Hawaii Study # LIT603 Print PDF